Sarekhi- Senior Clinical Nurse Manager, Radiology


Senior Clinical Nurse Manager, Radiology

"Once I met with everyone during my job interviews, I knew I wanted to be here, and it was worth any time that it took. This is somewhere that you can call home."

A medical imaging appointment can be a stressful time for anyone, whether it’s a scan to check on an existing condition or one to potentially diagnose something new. At Weill Cornell Imaging’s outpatient centers in Manhattan, nurses play an integral role in ensuring that every patient is comfortable, well informed, and secure throughout their visit. Sarekhi, a Senior Clinical Nurse Manager, supervises and trains the nurses who manage the patient care experience. They assess and prepare patients before their procedures, and make sure they have the information and resources they need once their procedures are complete.

Working with these patients is one of the highlights of Sarekhi’s role. “When someone says they’ve had a bad imaging experience in the past and then they come to Weill Cornell and say that it’s the best experience they’ve ever had, it’s very rewarding. All of our staff are very patient-oriented, from the coordinators to the nurses to the technicians. We make sure that everyone gets the time and attention they deserve.”

Sarekhi believes that this focus on patient satisfaction starts with making sure staff members are satisfied in their roles. “The culture here is more of a family than anywhere else that I’ve worked. When I see members of the department’s leadership team on the street, they stop to say hello and ask how I’m doing. There is also an open door policy here where you can talk to anyone—even if they aren’t your direct supervisor—if you need to work through an issue.”

This workplace culture lends itself to collaboration, as Sarekhi did with a group of fellow nurses who wanted to revise the orientation process for new hires in the department. Weill Cornell Imaging practices offer a range of services—including MRIs, PET scans, CT, scans, and more—and the team worked together to create a more streamlined orientation flow to give new nurses more time at each modality site.

What would Sarekhi tell someone considering a career at Weill Cornell Medicine? “The hiring process is intense, but it’s for a great reason. We have a certain culture here, and we want to make sure that you fit us and we fit you. Once I met with everyone during my job interviews, I knew I wanted to be here, and it was worth any time that it took. Weill Cornell Medicine is somewhere that you can call home.”