COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

To protect our colleagues, patients, and community, COVID-19 vaccination is required for Weill Cornell Medicine faculty and staff. To meet the vaccination requirement, faculty and staff must receive the primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine or have an approved exemption in place by their employment start date. 

  • Health care personnel who never received any COVID-19 vaccines or received one dose of monovalent COVID-19 vaccine only, one dose of current bivalent COVID-19 vaccine is required after two months of last dose (if any) unless an approved exemption exists.
  • Monovalent COVID vaccines (e.g., two doses of Pfizer or Moderna primary COVID-19 vaccine series) are no longer authorized to use in the US by the FDA.

Exemption Requests

Faculty and staff may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement due to pregnancy, a medical contraindication, or a religious belief. An exemption may also be granted to employees who work remotely and will never be on campus (i.e., employees who live outside of the tri-state area). Those with approved exemptions are required to wear a mask at all times, including in non-clinical areas. 

Medical Contraindications and Pregnancy

Medical and pregnancy exemption requests will be managed and reviewed by Workforce Health and Safety. To apply for a medical or pregnancy exemption:

  1. Complete the Request for Medical COVID-19 Immunization Exemption Form.
  2. Ask your physician to provide the required information and signature.
  3. New hires complete the Vaccine Submission/Exemption Request Form.
  4. Existing employees submit the completed form to Workforce Health and Safety via VaxApp.
  5. For assistance, please email

Religious Beliefs

Religious exemption requests will be managed and reviewed by a designated committee of institutional leaders. To apply for a religious exemption: 

  1. Complete the Request for Religious Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination Form, describing your religious belief and how it relates to your request to decline the COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. Submit the completed form to

Off-Site/Remote Work

A committee of clinical, operational, and administrative leaders will review remote work exemption requests for employees who have been informed that their job will permanently be 100% remote, with no expectation to be on-site. To request an off-site work exemption:

  1. Complete the Request for Off-Site Worker Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination Form.
  2. Ask your Department Administrator or Chair to sign the form to confirm that your work arrangement is permanently 100% remote.
  3. Submit the completed form to