Jessica Cruz - Senior Accounts Administrator, Physician Organization Billing Office


Senior Accounts Administrator, Physician Organization Business Office

"The time you take to apply here is an investment for yourself and for your family’s future."

After a patient visits a Weill Cornell Medicine practice, billing for their visit will most likely be managed by the team in the Physician Organization Business Office (POBO). Jessica is a Senior Accounts Administrator in the POBO and serves as a resource for patients about billing processes and payment plans, fields inquiries from insurance companies, and works within an application called EPIC to update accounts.

Jessica first applied to Weill Cornell Medicine because she was in search of a place where she could build a career closer to home. “This organization has a lot to offer. There are so many opportunities and so much growth. If you’re in one department and want to learn more about the work in another department or team within your own, there are lots of opportunities.” She was also interested in educational benefits Weill Cornell Medicine offers for employees and their family members. “Not only is there a tuition reimbursement program and discounted certificate courses so you can continue your own studies, there’s also a Children’s Tuition Scholarship Plan to support your children’s education.”

Speaking with patients is a major part of Jessica’s day-to-day work, and because of the unique nature of medical bills, she takes a personal approach to customer service. “Medical bills can be very stressful, and patients want to speak to someone who can understand the way they see things—whether it’s a charge for $5 or $150. Overall, the way I approach every call is that if my mother called in, I would want her to be treated a certain way: with kindness, patience, and respect. That’s how I treat our patients.”

When she needs guidance on a patient or billing issue, Jessica is thankful that she can rely on her colleagues. “We support each other. There are certain things they offer to the organization that I can’t and vice versa, so we always look to each other. We’re always a team.”

What would Jessica tell someone considering a career at Weill Cornell Medicine? “The time you take to apply at Weill Cornell Medicine is an investment for yourself and for your family’s future.”