Margie - SAP Business Analyst, ITS


SAP Business Analyst, Information Technologies & Services

"This is a place where what you do matters. Whether it’s a small task or a huge project, you’re doing something for the greater good of the organization."

Managing the administrative needs of a complex organization calls for powerful business software and a knowledgeable technical team to support it. At Weill Cornell Medicine, that software is the SAP Business Suite, and the team that supports it is the Administrative Computing Group in Information Technologies and Services (ITS). Margie’s role as an SAP Business Analyst is focused on implementing new systems and programs to help departments run more efficiently, and she loves knowing that her work creates positive changes throughout the institution. “When a project is over and I find out that the department loves the new process we put in place, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Margie joined Weill Cornell Medicine after a long career in retail operations for a company focused on tabletop products, fine china, crystal, and flatware. It was a significant change, but she welcomed the chance to support Weill Cornell Medicine’s commitment to the health of patients in New York City and around the world. “When I worked in retail, I always had pride in what I did and respected my job, but coming here was a huge shift in the overall purpose of my work. My previous career supported salespeople, customers, and buyers of the retail tabletop industry, and now I support doctors and researchers. The content of what they are doing is globally important to so many people.”

Margie also welcomes all of the learning opportunities that her new role provides. “My goal is to gather the requirements of what the department needs, learn the details of what the system can do, and then work together with the department and my colleagues to find the best solution. Every project brings new opportunities to learn and grow. I’m never bored.”

Teamwork and innovation are at the core of the work of the Administrative Computing Group and ITS at large. “We are very much a team. We support each other no matter what, and if someone needs help, we’re all ready to jump in. And, we’re cutting edge. For example, we just implemented HANA—the new SAP database system—which many companies haven’t implemented yet. The whole SAP team worked so hard on that project, and now the system is faster and better. Our management team is not afraid to tackle major challenges that lead to these kinds of major improvements.”

What would Margie tell someone considering a career at Weill Cornell Medicine? “This is a place where what you do matters. Whether it’s a small task or a huge project, you’re doing something for the greater good of the organization. You will work hard, but you will always have pride in that work and feel good about what you’re doing.”