Curtis St. Surin - Physician Practice Manager, Obstetrics and Gynecology


Physician Practice Manager, Obstetrics and Gynecology

"We don’t just say that we go above and beyond for our patients—we are expected to go above and beyond."

The waiting rooms at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Obstetrics and Gynecology practices have a different tone than most doctors’ offices in the city. They hold a cross-section of women at all stages of life—many of them recent mothers and mothers-to-be—and patients strike up conversations to share experiences, milestones, and photos. Curtis, a Physician Practice Manager at two Weill Cornell Medicine OB/GYN locations in Manhattan, sees these interactions every day. “It’s different than medical practices that people may only visit when they aren’t feeling well. For many of our patients, they’re coming to see us during such a happy time in their lives.”

Curtis was initially drawn to Weill Cornell Medicine by the institution’s reputation for excellence, and he works to uphold that reputation every day at his practices. He strives to ensure that every interaction a patient has with each practice is outstanding, from their initial call to schedule an appointment to their in-person visit to follow-ups. “We don’t just say that we go above and beyond for our patients—we are expected to go above and beyond. We are expected to have the best patient experience. It sets us apart from anybody else.”

He’s also committed to his teams, which include the administrative, clinical, and financial support staff who help maintain the fast pace of the practices. “I have all-star teams, and managing them is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I have a genuine interest in their careers and lives. I want them to be happy when they come to work.”

Curtis believes that this investment in staff starts at the top in OB/GYN. “The department works hard to make sure our staff are happy and managers are well trained through weekly meetings, staff development days, employee appreciation days, and more. I’ve never worked anywhere that gives back to their staff so much, and you can see it in the work here. We all get along because we’re all striving for the same goal.”

What would Curtis tell someone considering a career at Weill Cornell Medicine? “What are you waiting for? It’s probably the best decision you’ll make in your life.”